People are easy to upset, aren't they? Suggest a change from the norm and they immediately start talking louder and their hair gets bigger, especially when you hit one of their hot-buttons.

Well here is a collection of virtual tee-shirts guaranteed to move their heads around. Email these free images to your friends or adversaries, or let your computer monitor wear a virtualtee as a desktop background.

To view a virtualtee, click on a hot-button at the left to see a list of paradigm shifts for that topic and then select a color for your virtualtee. Each of our virtualtees is a one-size-fits-all 1024x768 image printed on top-quality virtual cotton pixels in .jpg format. To see another virtualtee, click on your browser's Back button to make a different selection. To keep a virtualtee, right-click on it and save it, email it, or set it as a background.

Some of our virtualtees are available as wearable T-shirts in meatspace (the real world) and can be purchased at Look for the Zazzle logo next to a virtualtee description. Clicking on the logo will take you to that tee's product page at Zazzle, where you can purchase tees and other products imprinted with that virtualtee's design. Any of our designs can be imprinted on any product at Zazzle, so please feel free to send a request for a real product to We will add that design to our real-product line within a day or two of receiving your request. Customization and minor design changes are available at no extra charge. A new design will be created to your specifications for a design fee of $20, payable through PayPal. Refer to the restrictions Zazzle places on certain types of images and text when requesting a new design.

Our line of virtualtees will constantly expand, as there is no end of things that could be improved by approaching them a little more thoughtfully. If we hit one of your hot-buttons and you'd like to vent, email us at All other correspondence can be directed to Click here to learn more about us.

Thanks for visiting our virtualshop. Have an atypical day!

Here's some music to listen to while you shop. Click on a play button and the file will open in your default media player. These MP3 files were free dance/dj downloads at

   "It Takes a Thief," Thievery Corporation
   "Hot Cocktail," Jazz Cafe Lounge
   "Lust," Ambient Temple of Imagination