A photo-essay with attitude, devoted to an underappreciated feature of human male anatomy: the foreskin.

UNCUT is like no other book you have ever seen. It delivers more humor than you thought possible from a study of this unusual topic—in part, because of the witty graphic treatment, in part because of words that tell the truth in unexpectedly funny (and serious) ways, and in part because the photographs are so forthright. But UNCUT is also crammed with an amazing amount of correct factual material, including some facts known to only a few doctors. A mixture of adolescent awe and adult sophistication toward the subject is conveyed in the book by the use of that most successful of all voyeurs, the camera. And yet there is true reverence here for the nature of biological structures and the work that they do. This is not one of those slick overpriced books, monotonously sexy, that get called “hot” and then are quickly consigned to a shelf. It is also uncategorizable (surely its strength), certain to annoy those who assign books to particular sections in bookstores: Does it belong in Humor? Health? Art? Pornography?

UNCUT is unforgettable, with surprises on every page.
These small sample images are from the section titled “The Foreskin in Art.”
Published by Pinecone Educational (a division of Pinecone Press of Santa Barbara). Not available in bookstores everywhere, but definitely available from:

Pinecone Press of Santa Barbara
4539 Via Huerto
Santa Barbara, CA 93110-2323

Make check payable to Sherwin Carlquist.

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