A queer new drama series
Short for Zephaniah Stoltzfus. 40. 5'6" or so. Lean from years of work on the family farm. Quietly brainy. A bit of a wallflower.
   Too much of a thinker to accept the Amish explanation for everything like everyone else did in his community. But still a little too homespun to fit comfortably into the outside world.
   In order to come out of the closet, he had to deconstruct his entire universe so that things would make sense. Now he's trying to reconstruct a workable gestalt that doesn't logically conclude in pointlessness.
   It's not as easy as it sounds.

He's a private investigator whenever he's not acting. Or is it the other way around? As a P.I., he's smart and cool-headed. But as an actor, he's so hard to work with, some production companies refuse to cast him. Too many crew injuries.
   Late 20s to mid-30s. Tall. Broad-shouldered. Handsome. Smart. Principled.
   Some speculate that his choice of Zeph for a partner is a latent maternal thing. Or a dominance thing. All O'Keefe can tell you is that Zeph is different from just about everybody he's encountered in L.A.

She sings like Rita. She dances like Rita. She's beautiful like Rita. And she's a he.
   She's a breezy kind of free-spirit who will try just about anything. In fact, it's been said that "if she'd been a ranch, they would have called her the Bar Nothing."

Last name? Chance. What else?
   And just like Bacall, she'll size you up through a curtain of cigarette smoke and then pull a handgun out of her purse if she decides she needs to.
   She and Bar have actually been a couple for several years, only Bar hasn't realized it yet and goes from one destructive relationship to another, with Slim always there to pick up the broken plates.

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