A queer new drama series
Zeph's new in town.
   He finds a room in West Hollywood and shares the house with two ultrasleek gender illusionists who style themselves after classic movie queens Lauren Bacall and Rita Hayworth.
   Hey, nice place.
   A private investigator named O'Keefe stops by, and Zeph finds himself drawn into an investigation surrounding the disappearance of a porn-studio owner and one of his stars. The missing porn star is, not by coincidence, the boyfriend of one of Zeph's new housemates.
   Another investigation involves the drug-related murder of a club kid. O'Keefe is one of the suspects because he was the last person seen with the victim.
   A large, menacing drag queen, who took the rap for the murder of a dancer at a gay club in Miami, is now out on parole and is trying to track down her accomplice. She hires O'Keefe to find a "lost love."
   A microchip manufacturer from Munich amuses himself by taunting and evading federal agents with his sophisticated hacking skills. A friend of O'Keefe's is killed when he learns too much about the hacker.
   Another of O'Keefe's friends, a closeted mixed-martial-arts fighter on the pro circuit, is stalked by a special-ops veteran who kills a tabloid photographer to keep him from outing the fighter.

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