Archaeologists in Jerusalem dig up something disturbing.

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Meron Benevisti’s account of the geographic formation of modern Israel in Sacred Landscape: The Buried History of the Holy Land since 1948.

A description of the Apartheid Wall.

An article about Talpiot, the Israeli government’s program to recruit high-achieving 18-year-olds to create innovation in Mossad and other government agencies.

A description of the Talpiot neighborhood in Jerusalem.

A very clever music video, “Talpiot State of Mind,” found on YouTube.

Google Maps Street View in the Talpiot neighborhood.

A description of the Talpiot Tomb.

The website for the Ramat Rachel Archaeological Project.

Isaac Newton’s extensive description of Solomon’s Temple.

Proposed alternate locations of the Temple: Martin, Robertson.

An artist’s conception of Jerusalem in the 7th century BCE.

An extensive list of conspiracy theories.

A video of a ufo over Jerusalem in 2011.

An examination of the 2012 doomsday phenomenon.

John Evan Garvey's upcoming novel Secreta Corporis, the prequel to The Talpiot Find.
View of Jerusalem
They found the lost Ark?
The bones of Jesus?
The Grail?
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