The Woodlawn Starliner

Tagline: Some things never change.

Genre: Drama


A new client, a large, menacing drag queen named Gorilia Swansong, hires O'Keefe to find a missing person, an old flame with whom she would like to rekindle a lost romance. While searching for the missing person, O'Keefe is hired by another client to find a rare jade carving that's been burgled from a Beverly Hills mansion.

The drag supper club where Zeph's housemates perform mounts two Busby Berkeley-styled dance numbers, and another similar dance number occurs in a hallucination while Zeph is drugged.

O'Keefe and Zeph find out that the second client is the missing person Gorilia is looking for and learn that the real reason she wanted to find the old flame was to extinguish it with lead. In a beach house in Malibu, predator and prey come face to face, and neither is left standing.

Author: John Garvey