The Sunset Local

Tagline: Don't make him angry.

Genre: Drama


A circuit boy turns up dead one morning, and Zeph and his partner O'Keefe are the last people to have been seen with him. The detectives continue investigating O'Keefe, despite his strong alibi, because of his record of assaults and public disturbances precipitated by a condition he exhibits known as intermittent rage disorder, in which he is taken over by brief, destructive bursts of anger he can't control. Conflicts on the set of a teen slasher movie amplify the irritation caused by the ongoing investigation, and Zeph begins to suspect that O'Keefe actually might have committed the murder in a flash of anger.

Zeph begins having nightmares about O'Keefe attacking him, and when O'Keefe is exonerated by the confession of another suspect, Zeph's relief at hearing the news actually triggers an attack. O'Keefe's shame over hurting Zeph drives him away for several weeks, but he finally returns to ask Zeph's forgiveness.

Author: John Garvey