The City of Electrons

Tagline: He knows each time you left-click

Genre: Drama


O'Keefe's ex-lover, Vaughn, a former pro bodybuilder, abruptly returns to L.A. from Munich, and Zeph finds himself single again. A few weeks later, Vaughn is found dead and Zeph is a suspect, but a witness can't identify him in a lineup. Zeph then learns that Vaughn's ex, Burkhart, was in L.A. the night of the murder, not in Munich as he claims. Burkhart is a microchip manufacturer in Munich, and his knowledge of microprocessors allows him to manipulate databases and play hide-and-seek with federal agents who are tracking him for a series of online crimes. Zeph realizes he's being followed and he draws off the tail as his housemate takes federal agents an important piece of evidence.

The agents are finally able to apprehend Burkhart as he is tauntingly having drinks with Zeph and O'Keefe at a club. However, the following evening, a bodyguard hustles Zeph into a car, and Burkhart, released for lack of evidence, takes Zeph up to his hotel room and rapes him. Agents burst into the hotel room and again take Burkhart into custody and this time are able to keep him. Zeph is relieved when he tests negative for HIV.

Author: John Garvey