Chameleon Night

Tagline: What would they do if they knew?

Genre: Drama


Zeph's partner O'Keefe begins studying mixed martial arts with Warfield, a fighter on the pro circuit. Warfield is in the closet and his managers want him to stay there because he's a serious money-maker for the fight organization. A tabloid photographer sees an opportunity to out him, but the next day the photographer's body is found in a dumpster. The fight organization's owner is the prime suspect, but O'Keefe receives video from an anonymous source which establishes the owner's innocence. LAPD detectives don't consider the anonymous video credible, but O'Keefe continues investigating on his own. At one of Warfield's matches, Zeph has an unnerving encounter with a guy named Granger in the men's room. Granger and O'Keefe are both studying mixed martial arts with Warfield, and Granger is one of the suspects in the photographer's murder.

O'Keefe plans to spend a night with Warfield and arranges for Zeph to meet one of their friends, Sadiq, at the Hollywood Spa, a bathhouse. Zeph and Sadiq run into Granger with increasing frequency through the evening at the bathhouse until finally Granger picks Zeph up by the hips and begins giving him head with his teeth. He drops him and walks away, and Zeph and Sadiq quickly figure out that Granger is a celebrity stalker and the teeth marks are a message to O'Keefe to keep away from Warfield. He killed the photographer and he'll kill O'Keefe too. Zeph calls O'Keefe, who hurries to the bathhouse. The police are called, and O'Keefe confronts Granger. Slam-bam mixed-martial-arts brawl with Granger nude and O'Keefe clothed. He knocks Granger out, and the police arrive.

Author: John Garvey