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All screenplays listed below were written by John Garvey. For more information, contact him at

Our newest screenplay

Secreta Corporis

Tagline: Long before Rosslyn Chapel, long before the lost treasure, the Knights Templar came to a crossroads and chose the darker path.

Genre: Historical drama

Logline: In a Templar castle on the coast of Israel in the 12th century, two knights conceal their strong feelings for each other but begin receiving cryptic death threats from a secret society within the Templar Order.

View the trailer below. (The working title was The Enigma of the Templars.)

Screenplays in the Zeph series

This is a series of seven screenplays which follows a group of friends in Los Angeles, one of whom is a private detective, over the course of several years. Zeph, the sidekick of the detective, is the central character in all of the stories.

Chameleon Night

Tagline: What would they do if they knew?

Genre: Drama

Logline: A closeted mixed-martial-arts fighter is stalked by a special-ops veteran who kills a tabloid photographer to keep him from outing the fighter.

#7 in the series.

The City of Electrons

Tagline: He knows each time you left-click

Genre: Drama

Logline: A microchip manufacturer plays hide-and-seek with federal agents and chess with Zeph and the people around him.

#5 in the series.

The Sunset Local

Tagline: Don't make him angry

Genre: Drama

Logline: A circuit boy turns up dead, and Zeph and his partner O'Keefe are the last people seen with him. They have strong alibis, but the LAPD detectives annoyingly keep their eyes on them to catch a misstep.

#3 in the series.

The Allegheny Starlight

Tagline: There's an ordinary world, somehow, you have to find

Genre: Drama

Logline: Zeph reluctantly leaves his Amish community in Pennsylvania because of his sexual orientation. He gradually adapts to the outside world at a university in Philadelphia, and then a new employer relocates him to the even stranger world of Los Angeles.

#1 in the series.

The Woodlawn Starliner

Tagline: Some things never change

Genre: Drama

Logline: A large, menacing drag queen, who took the rap for the murder of a dancer at a gay club in Miami, is now out on parole and is tracking down her accomplice in L.A.

#4 in the series.

The Musk of the Gardens of Allah

Tagline: It's that old crescent moon in your eyes

Genre: Drama

Logline: A new performer, an Iranian-American, joins the cast at the drag supper club in West Hollywood where Zeph's housemates perform. He becomes romantically involved with one of them until she learns that he has a wife and two young children. Zeph is on the brink of having his own affair after meeting an attractive Iraqi-American.

#6 in the series.

The Death Valley Zephyr

Tagline: The shocking story of three femmes fatales...none of them women!

Genre: Drama

Logline: New to L.A., Zeph finds himself rooming with gender illusionists who perform at a drag supper club in West Hollywood. A Bogart-quoting gumshoe named O'Keefe investigates the disappearance of a porn star and digs up some dirt on the club owner.

#2 in the series.

The Zeph series adapted for television

The seven screenplays have been turned into fourteen episode scripts to create a detective series. View the trailer below.


Tagline: Real guns. Real tinsel.

Genre: Drama

Logline: A handsome gay P.I. in Los Angeles involves his brainy, reticent sidekick in hazardous murder investigations.

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