Charcoal on newsprint
The Greek word for beard is πώγων (pōgōn). The study of beards is called "pogonology," its practitioner a "pogonologist." Some dictionaries now list "pogonotomy," literally "beard cutting," as a term for shaving. Its converse is "pogonotrophy" for beard growing. Pogonomyrmex is the genus of "bearded ants."
   In the course of history, men with facial hair have been ascribed various attributes such as wisdom and knowledge, sexual virility, masculinity, or high social status; and, conversely, filthiness, crudeness, or an eccentric disposition. One stratum of American society where facial hair is virtually nonexistent is in government and politics. The last President of the United States to wear any type of facial hair was William Howard Taft, who was in office from 1909 till 1913. (Excerpt from Wikipedia)

Charcoal on newsprint

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